Teaching & Learning


The Department of Teaching and Learning is responsible for the first goal of the FCPS Comprehensive Plan - Every student will be academically successful and prepared for life work, and college. Our vision is the unified pursuit of "Excellence in Education" for all children. We use situational leadership as a strategy to collaborate, adapt, and make sound instructional decisions based on data We will accomplish this by guiding instructional best practices, modelling how to develop strong teachers and leaders, encouraging collaboration with families and community stakeholders and monitoring the belief that we always do what is best for students. 

Our Mission

The mission for the Department of Teaching and Learning is to understand the charge and the goals of the division comprehensive plan regarding instruction. The FCPS Department of Teaching and Learning models how to develop people and work groups, establishes rapport and creates an effort to bring out the best in people. We use situational leadership as a strategy to collaborate, adapt to the needs of all stakeholders, and make sound instructional decisions based on data. We showcase the willingness to do anything that needs to be done and fulfill our assigned responsibilities prior to seeking additional duties. Further, we hold the following leadership beliefs:

  1. We are here to guide instructional best practices while allowing the administrative teams to handle the day-to-day operations of the buildings.
  2. We believe that empowerment through unity will enable the department to be viewed as a collaborative entity.
  3. We are able to accept feedback, are wiling to reflect, and will seek additional clarification if necessary.
  4. All improvements start with collaboration and are carried out to the best of our abilities.
  5. Decisions begin and end with children as the primary focus. 

Contact Information

Lori Bridi

Chief Academic Officer
Central Office

Andrea Bumbrey

Director of Student Achievement
Central Office

Heidi Miller

Director of Assessment and Accountability
Central Office

Thomas Weed

Director of Equity and School Improvement
Central Office

Matt Terry

Supervisor of Student Programs
Central Office

Kecia Lipscomb

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Maris Wyatt

Supervisor of Special Education