Family & Community

The School Board recognizes that good school-community relations are essential to securing public input and public support for educational programs.  The School Board sets goals and standards for school‑community relations and regularly evaluates its relationship with the public.  The School Board also regularly evaluates its programs for maintaining open channels of communication and good relations with parents, community organizations, other governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses and industries and the community at large.

Through its school‑community relations program, the Board encourages the community to:

  • take an active interest in the schools and participate in school activities,

  • place a high priority on education and make funds available for an educational system that supports learning for all children, and

  • establish partnerships with the schools to enhance learning opportunities.

Current Surveys

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Community Support Survey

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FCPS Partners

PNC Bank
From The Heart Organization
Lions Club
Dr. Yum
Fredericksburg Food Co-op
Downtown Greens
King George Fire Department
Fredericksburg Rescue Squad
Lifepoint Church
Healthy Families, Rappahannock
FAC Kappa League
Baliant Charities
Smart Beginnings
Virginia Quality
Department of Social Services
Shiloh Baptist Church
New Vision Ministry
Alice Daniels
Second New Hope Church
Unmasked Organization (Crystal Vessel)
Presbyterian Church
Discovery Community Church
The Islamic Center and Shalom Temple
UMW Community Engagement/Outreach Committee (Sarah Dewees)
U4C Victory Ministries, Inc.
Summit Mortgage Corporation (Michael Young Lee)
Marstel Day LLC (Rebecca Rubin)
Victorious Believers Community Church
Discovery Community Church 
Honors Department Volunteers
New Vision Ministry
Sarah Rico
Dorothy Vidano
UMW Education Students
PB Mares
The Knowledge Exchange
Teen Networking Seminars
Carol Snipe
Jenkins Donelson Foundation
Rising Sun Neighborhood
Alice Cobey
Michael Camber
Sabina Wietzman
Kate Moga
Micha Ministries
Tom Conway
Donellen Schlosser
Coleman Towing
Fredericksburg Baptist Church

Local Events

Evening With An Expert

The Fredericksburg Area Museum (FAM) is pleased to announce the return of their lecture series, Evening with an Expert.

Contact Information:

Sandra Gillenwater

Supervisor of Communication and Community Outreach
Hugh Mercer Elementary School, Central Office