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Hello and welcome to the Safety/Facilities Update page for Fredericksburg City Public Schools. We aim to keep the public informed on the variety of building projects and safety measures being undertaken currently and in the near future, and provide this page and its contents for that reason. Check back here regularly for new press releases, photos, and more having to do with safety/facility work. 

Information on Cellphone Usage and Face Coverings (W-GMS and JMHS)

This is an update on the efforts Fredericksburg City Public Schools’ is making to support the safety and health of our students, faculty, and staff.

We are working hard to ready our buildings for our students’ return to school. We’re excited to welcome our kindergarteners, sixth and ninth graders back into the buildings on Monday, August 7th.  All other students will be welcomed back on Tuesday, August 8th.  Each day will operate on a full-day schedule.

Please know that we continue to prioritize our students’, faculties’, and staff’s safety and health. As such, we would like our families to be aware of updated procedures in Walker-Grant and James Monroe buildings. Please listen closely to the following safety updates:

  • Phones must be turned off and stored out-of-sight during the school day except during specified times.
  • Students may use cellular phones ONLY at designated times which include breakfast and lunch waves ONLY in the cafeteria/commons area.
  • On the school bus, secondary students may use their cellular phones and must use headphones, earbuds, or personal listening equipment so as not to disturb others.
  • Students who request to leave the classroom will need to leave the phone in their bookbag or a designated area. 
  • Students may use their phones after school.

Additionally, we have updated Face and Head Coverings Expectations for our secondary schools to support safe and healthy educational environments.  Student clothing should not hide or disguise the identification of individuals.  The identities of people need to be known. For this reason, head and face coverings will not be allowed on school property.  This includes facemasks, gators, ski masks, hoods, caps, hats, and the like.  Exceptions to this rule include:

  1. head or face coverings for religious reasons
  2. head or face coverings for health/medical reasons (i.e., medical masks for COVID-19)
  3. head or face coverings for educational expectations (i.e., safety goggles)

Questions regarding exceptions for religious, health/medical or normal educational expectations should be directed to the building principal. 

Thank you for your continued support of Fredericksburg City Public Schools’ efforts to continually support the safety and health of our families. 

School Safety Overview, July 20, 2023

Photo of SRO Florio at Walker-Grant Middle School.

Photo of SRO Florio at WGMS, 2022.

Photo of SRO "BK" at James Monroe High School.

Photo of SRO %22BK%22 at James Monroe, 2022.

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