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Quarantine Period Reduced from 14 days to 10 days


Beginning October 15, 2021, FCPS will utilize a 10-day quarantine period instead of 14 days for close contacts.  This is supported by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.  We believe it is important to bring students and staff back to the classroom sooner than 14 days.


VDH guidance states: “VDH and the CDC recognize that the 14-day quarantine duration can cause substantial personal burden and might lead to low compliance. Therefore, VDH allows for shorter quarantine durations as acceptable alternatives, including for teachers, staff, and students of K12 schools.”


The CDC states: “[A] 14-day quarantine can impose personal burdens that may affect physical and mental health as well as cause economic hardship that may reduce compliance. Implementing quarantines can also pose additional burdens on public health systems and communities, especially during periods when new infections, and consequently the number of contacts needing to quarantine, are rapidly rising. Lastly, the prospect of quarantine may dissuade recently diagnosed persons from naming contacts and may dissuade contacts from responding to contact tracer outreach if they perceive the length of quarantine as onerous."


The CDC reports that risk is low when moving to a 10-day quarantine period. 


We consulted the local health department who supports our decision.


As always, we encourage all individuals to continue daily symptom monitoring. 


Thank you.



Clarification of VDH K-12 Close Contact Definitions and Quarantine Periods September 10, 2021

Options to Reduce Quarantine

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