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(PLAIN TEXT VERSION) January 10, 2023

Re: Safety Updates

Dear FCPS and Fredericksburg Families:

Providing FCPS students and staff with a safe, educational environment remains one of our top priorities. We are all aware of incidents of gun violence in our surrounding communities and across the nation. Preparedness for the unthinkable is what dominates our safety plans.

In our latest safety update, FCPS has partnered with the Fredericksburg City Police to place “Breach Kits” at each building location. These kits, donated by FXBG Police, contain several tools law enforcement can use to breach a door during an active event. Law enforcement are the only group to have the padlock codes, and they are thoroughly trained on where and how to access the devices. Additionally, each building leadership team has been provided with a supply of medication lock boxes and gun locks by Rappahannock Area Service Board (RACSB). If you would like to obtain a medication box or gun lock, please call your child’s school for more information.

Did you know?

• One way we can help prevent an accident is to keep medications locked in a lockbox. That way only the people who are prescribed the medications have access to the medications.

• Unsecured guns in the home pose a risk to students beyond gun violence in schools. All firearms should have a lock and be stored out of the reach of children.

• We also know from research that putting time and distance between an individual in crisis and access to lethal means can help save lives. It can help prevent suicide deaths. (source: RACSB)

You can learn more and download helpful resources, including a secure storage fact sheet, talking to your children about guns and facts and resources on child firearm suicide at

Please also peruse our Safety/Facilities Updates page to review how Fredericksburg City Schools continues to work to ensure our students’ and staff’s safety, at

As always, thank you for your continued support, cooperation, and collaboration.

Kind regards,

Dr. Marceline Catlett

Division Superintendent