Fredericksburg City Public Schools (FCPS) will continue to require all staff, students, and visitors to wear masks inside schools and on buses.  Layered prevention strategies have been successful in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in our schools which has allowed us to provide in-person learning that is required by Virginia law.

According to current Virginia law, SB1303 says: school divisions need to “provide such in-person instruction in a manner in which it adheres, to the maximum extent practicable, to any currently applicable mitigation strategies for early childhood care and education programs and elementary and secondary schools to reduce the transmission of COVID-19 that have been provided by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

The CDC and the Virginia Department of Health continue to recommend using masks in schools as a layered approach to mitigation.

FCPS will follow Virginia law and continue to use layered mitigation strategies.  Universal mask use has been proven effective in keeping COVID-19 transmission rates low in our schools and ensuring schools remain safe and open.

The federal requirement from February 2021 to wear masks on public transportation remains.  Therefore, anyone riding a school bus is required to wear a mask to keep everyone safe.

Additionally, we encourage everyone to get vaccinated because we know it is a critical step to return to normal.  We want students to be vaccinated because it improves their chances of staying healthy and helps prevent the spread of the virus to others. 

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.