Flyer for jobs at FCPS.

Fredericksburg City Public Schools is looking to round out its family. We have students to serve and positions to fill. Please take a look at our jobs postings page below to see if you'd be a great candidate to make a difference in the lives of FCPS students.


We are hiring for elementary special education - with a focus in autism, 5th, 4th, and 3rd grade classes; middle school Spanish, Family Consumer Sciences, Digital Art, and special education; high school part-time Spanish teacher and full-time school counselor; and central office math coach and psychology intern.


James Monroe High School Spanish Teacher Mari Tolliver had this to say on why she chose FCPS for her career; "I chose FCPS because of the collegiality - I get great support from HR, from my administrators, and from my fellow teachers."


Don't have a degree in education but have at least a bachelor's degree? Human Resources can help you with your pathway to becoming a licensed teacher. Call us at 540-372-1130 for more information. We are here to help.


Jobs Postings Page

Flyer for jobs at FCPS.