Fine Arts

The Fredericksburg City Public Schools Fine Arts Department is an important component of our instructional programs, which aim to provide a comprehensive educational experience that crosses disciplinary, cultural, national, and geographical boundaries. We appreciate and embrace the diversity of our learners, their different cultures and the unique talents that each student brings to our programs.

Our visual and performing arts programs stimulate critical thinking, foster creativity, nurture collaborative relationships, reinforce responsible action, inspire engagement, and develop each student’s potential. We strive to motivate students to confidently express themselves in Music, Theatre and Visual Arts and help students understand how they can articulate their exceptional ideas and knowledge through artistic expression. These meaningful opportunities can be found across academic disciplines, embedded in our inquiry-based teaching and learning, while also being offered in gifted visual and performing arts programs for identified students.

If you have questions and/or would like to learn more about the Fine Arts Department and programs, please contact your child’s school.