Alternative Education Programs

The ISAEP Program (GED)

This is a national alternative educational program leading to a HSE Credential for the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Students enrolled in this program must be able to pass a comprehensive exam targeting specific curriculum areas in order to complete their GED®. Unlike traditional high school programs, there is no grading system used to build credit toward the certificate.

The student's success in obtaining the HSE credential is based solely on the student’s ability to pass the exam. Therefore, the major focus of the program is to prepare students by building their competencies in reasoning through language arts, mathematical reasoning, science and social studies to successfully pass the GED® test.

Students must first score a minimum of a ninth-grade reading level on a reading assessment in order to be admitted to the GED program.

After admittance, students will begin computer-assisted instruction specifically designed for GED® test. Through MYGED®, students will be given an individualized score report that will highlight objectives in each subject area in which students will require instruction. The program will then track the students’ progress through all of their sessions.

Please contact your child’s school counselor if you have questions or need more information.

Adult Education ClassesThe Rappahannock Area Regional Adult Education (RARAE) program provides ESOL, Pre-GED, GED, and workforce education classes to students 18 years of age and older in the city of Fredericksburg and the counties of Caroline, King George, Spotsylvania, and Stafford.

Please contact the Adult Education Registrar at 540-372-1130 for more information on these programs.