COVID and FCPS Information Hub

This page will function as an all in one repository for COVID information and how it relates to FCPS. Whenever new guidelines are posted that change how FCPS handles COVID, or new major guidance/updates come in from the VDH or VDOE, you will likely find that information here if it relates to FCPS. We want to have a smooth experience, so that you know the critical information as it pertains to your child's health and wellbeing. Below you will find a section for the most need to know information (does my child have to wear a mask, do athletes have to wear a mask on the field, etc.), which will be updated depending on feedback we hear from parents. Below that, you will find many documents that might be helpful to look at (newsletters from VDH/VDOE, FAQ document from FCPS, FCPS COVID guidance, etc.).

*Notice: Due to masks becoming optional (but still encouraged) for students on March 1, masks will not be required by students who plan on taking the SAT at James Monroe High School on March 12, 2022.  However, masks will be strongly encouraged.