Other Commonly Used Resources

Below are many additional resources for military families that might be worth bookmarking and taking a look at. On the navigation menu to the left are three resources that specifically are important to know and have (MFHS transition guide, Tutor.com information, and important legislation regarding military families).

MilitaryFamily.org - Operation Purple

The National Military Family Association has a variety of Operation Purple programs designed to help military families in a variety of ways. Make sure you check out their site HERE.

FOCUS (Families Overcoming Under Stress) – FOCUS World

Boost your family strengths - online! FOCUS World is an interactive website where families can practice skills that support resilience. The whole family can play together and explore Feeling Fox's family home. Two new activities; a virtual calming jar and silly stories game, are great for taking a break when things get hectic.

Visit www.FocusProject.org or www.facebook.com/FOCUSresiliencytraining

Military Child Education Coalition - Parent Resources

MCEC delivers programs, services, and professional development to meet the needs of military-connected students, parents, and professionals.

Visit their parent page by clicking HERE. They also have MCEC Parent workshops, which are available via webinar to support parents who are remote or not located near a major military installation.  Webinars are presented live usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at Noon EST. Participants must register in advance for the live webinar presentation. To access those, click HERE.

Military OneSource Confidential Help (Non-Medical Counseling)

Sometimes strength means asking for help and the care of friends and family isn’t enough to pull through a difficult stretch. Military OneSource is committed to promoting readiness and resilience in military members and families. Confidential non-medical counseling provides resources and support to address a variety of issues and build skills to tackle life’s challenges.

Visit their website or call 800-342-9647 to speak with a consultant 24 hours a day, seven days a week – from anywhere in the world.

National Military Family Association

For a large amount of resources, articles, videos, and more that can support military families, visit the National Military Family Association

Ombudsman for Special Education - VDOE

An Ombudsman is a person who serves as a designated neutral party who advocates for a fair process and provides confidential, informal assistance and support to parents, guardians, advocates, educators, and students with disabilities. The Parent Ombudsman for Special Education serves as a resource to parents in non-legal special education matters. To view the VDOE page for this, click HERE.

Penn State University - Vetted Resources

High quality, evidence-based resources are publicly available online from many organizations. The Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State identified some of the most relevant, useful, and accessible resources across multiple topics, such as military culture, deployments, parental injury, student grief, and reintegration. To visit this page, click HERE.

VDOE - Military Families

VDOE has their own page that functions similarly to FCPS, where it's a hub for resources and all sorts of information, to access that, click HERE.

Write a Letter to a Service Member

Send a letter to a deployed service member. Instructions and info available on Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc website.

State of Veteran Mental Health and Substance Abuse in America Site

Provides interesting infographics and statistics that relate to veterans' alcohol consumption and social/emotional/physical issues. Visit HERE.

PTSD & Substance Abuse in Veterans Site

Discusses what PTSD and why it occurs, additionally how to get help to overcoming the symptoms and struggles of living with PTSD. Visit HERE.

Veteran Drug & Alcohol Rehab Site

Gives statistics of U.S. veterans with substance addiction, how mental health and chronic pain affect addiction and additional support groups for veterans. Visit HERE.

Other Resources