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Susan Mannino, Supervisor of Transportation

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School Bus Safety Program

All buses and other vehicles owned and operated by the school division are inspected for safety in accordance with the regulations prescribed by the Department of Education.  

  • All accidents regardless of the amount of damage involved, are reported to the transportation supervisor. 
  • Crashes involving school buses resulting in property damage of $1,500 or more or personal injury are reported to the Virginia Department of Education at least once per month.  The superintendent or superintendent's designee notifies the Virginia Department of Education of any school bus crash involving serious injuries, requiring professional medical treatment, or death within the next working day after the crash.

  • No person uses any wireless telecommunications device, whether handheld or otherwise, while driving a school bus, except in case of an emergency, or when the vehicle is lawfully parked and for the purposes of dispatching. Nothing in this policy prohibits the use of two-way radio devices or wireless telecommunications devices that are used hands free to allow live communication between the driver and school or public safety officials.


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Susan Mannino

Supervisor of Transportation

Marsha Waller

Training, Safety, & Quality Control Officer