Information Security and Student Privacy Rights

FCPS is committed to safeguarding student data and privacy. It is the district’s intent to protect each individual’s identity and data as well as the division’s investments of resources to establish an electronic data network with these specific policies and guidelines. Some of the policies listed below are driven by federal regulations such as Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Some are driven by state legislation such as our Acceptable Computer Use Policy and our Internet Safety Policy. Some are driven by our local school board Policy Manual. In fact some of the policies and guidelines listed are just plain common sense.

As school systems increasingly seek to improve curricular and classroom experiences for learners, Vendor access to certain student data has become necessary. It has become equally important to ensure that vendors employ commercially reasonable methods to safeguard student data privacy. Accordingly, these student data privacy requirements apply to all vendors of software, applications, or services that require access to the Personally Identifiable Information (“PII” as further defined herein) of Fredericksburg City Public Schools’ students.  These student data privacy requirements represent standard terms and conditions for all vendors who require access to student data to provide services to the School System. In the event of a conflict between these Privacy Requirements and any license agreement with the Vendor, these Privacy Requirements control.

What Parents Need to Know about Their Student's Data