School Entry Requirements

To register your child, please bring the following to the division wide registrar at 210 Ferdinand Street, Fredericksburg, VA

These documents must be signed by a physician and recorded on a State Health Form, which may be obtained from your physician, Health Department, or registrars’ office.

  • Proof of City Residency (mortgage/property settlement agreement, lease agreement AND 1 utility bill)     **DRIVER’S LICENSES CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED**
  • Tuition Form (if out-of-city resident)
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • PHOTO ID for parent/guardian
  • If your name does not appear on the lease/mortgage agreement of the residence in which you reside, you must provide a verification of residency letter (JEC-R-1) from the tenant/owner indicating that you reside with him/her.  In addition you must provide proof of the tenant’s/owner’s city residency (mortgage/lease agreement or utility bill.) ** DRIVER’S LICENSES CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED **
Evidence of the following immunizations (per Va. Immunization Code 32.1-46):
  • Diphtheria, Whooping Cough (Pertussis), Tetanus
    • Three doses as an infant.
    • A booster after the fourth birthday and before entrance to school.
    • A Td (tetanus/diphtheria) booster is needed if ten years have elapsed since the last booster.
  • Oral Polio Vaccine
    • Two doses as an infant.
    •  A booster after the fourth birthday and before entrance to school.
  • Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, and German Measles( MMR )
    • First dose at 12 to 15 months of age.
    • Virginia requires that students have the second dose of measles (rubeola) vaccine before first entry into kindergarten.
  • Hepatitis B
    • Evidence of immunization against Hepatitis B will be required for children born on or after January 1, 1994 .  Three doses of Hepatitis B are required.
    • Evidence of Hepatitis B immunizations for entry to 6-8 grade after Fall 2001. Required through grade 9 as of Fall 2004.
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) Vaccine
    • All susceptible children born on and after January 1, 1997, are required to have one dose of chickenpox vaccine not earlier than the age of 12 months (365 days). Students who do not have the necessary immunizations and a physical examination will not be allowed to attend school. However, students may be conditionally enrolled if their health records indicate that they have had one dose of the vaccines and parents present a schedule from a physician for completing the immunizations within ninety days of enrollment.

For Immunizations, please contact your Doctor or the Fredericksburg Health Department.

Childhood vaccination schedule