Finance Department

The Finance Department oversees budget, financial reporting and auditing, centralized accounts payable processing, accounts receivable, procurement, and safety and risk management. In addition, the Finance Department provides payroll services and benefits administration to all employees of Fredericksburg City Public Schools. The mission of the Finance Department is to provide efficient and effective financial management. The Finance Department will promote integrity, reliability and transparency while adhering to sound financial principles.


Meet the team. From left to right, top to bottom; Karen Wirman, Kimberly Rudisill, Kimberly Wright-Colbert, Karen Rivenbark, Laura Wills, Jennifer Brody, Shelda Roach.

Contact Information

Jennifer Brody

Director of Finance
Central Office

Karen Rivenbark

Accounts Payable Specialist
Central Office

Shelda Roach

Supervisor of Payroll & Benefits
Central Office

Kimberly Wright-Colbert

Payroll Specialist
Central Office

Kimberly Rudisill

Benefits Specialist
Central Office

Karen Wirman

Federal Grants Specialist

Laura Wills

Central Office