Welcome to the FCPS Communication Department!

The School Board recognizes that good school-community relations are essential to securing public input and public support for educational programs.  The School Board sets goals and standards for school‑community relations and regularly evaluates its relationship with the public.  The School Board also regularly evaluates its programs for maintaining open channels of communication and good relations with parents, community organizations, other governmental organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses and industries and the community at large.

Through its school‑community relations program, the Board encourages the community to

  • Take an active interest in the schools and participate in school activities.

  • Place a high priority on education and make funds available for an educational system that supports learning for all children.

  • Establish partnerships with the schools to enhance learning opportunities.

Contact Information

Matthew Eberhardt

Deputy Superintendent
Central Office

Tiffany Holmes

Communication Specialist
Central Office

Sandra Gillenwater

Director of Family & Community Engagement and Special Initiatives
Central Office

Katherine Hornung

Communications Coordinator
Central Office

Jeff Good

Webmaster/Communication Specialist
Central Office